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Saturday, August 16th, 2014

1. French River Rest Stop @ French River Hwy 69 crossing.
2. Beausejour Inn & Restaurant @ 1527 Hwy 64, Alban
3. Lake Nipissing Narrows @ North of Monetville Hwy 64
4. The Lavigne Tavern, @ Lavigne on Hwy 64
5. Jean Guy Rubber Boots Tavern @ 201 Main Street, Sturgeon Falls
*Final destination and hand submission point is Beausejour in Alban.

Run Details:
1. Riders can register and begin their run at any of the 5 check points.
2. Run starts at 11am.
3. $20 per hand. Riders may purchase multiple hands.
4. Poker Run Play Card must be submitted by 3pm at the Beausejour.

Poker Run Format:
1. You’ll draw a card at each of the check points
2. Hands will be determined by the ‘Poker Run Score Card’ which you’ll receive at your first check point
3. You may purchase additional cards when submitting your Score Card. A maximum of 2 additional cards may be purchased @ $5 each. Prior to drawing your card you’ll have to forfeit one card from your existing hand.

More chances to win:
1. We’ll be holding a 50/50 draw
2. Door prizes. Keep your ticket stubs!